Center of Selfmobility

Tržaška cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: ++386 1 426 96 60


Research-project activity
    Erasmus+ KA2 project: Leaders of change – Mentorship program for the leaders of local communities of entrepreneurs, 2016-2018
    Erasmus + KA1 project: Kreativ, integrativ, multikulturell (KIM), Developing of Selfmobility through Insightful thinking, 2015    
    LDV-TOI project: “Competent to do - The transfer of competences for tutors to achieve business and social competences of female prisoners and ex-offenders”, 2013-2015
    LDV-Pilot project: ETCS-Euro Training Coaching Service for educators, 2006-2008  
    LDV-Pilot project: INFORM-A measurement System for the Recognition of Non-formal and Informal Learning, 2006-2008
    LDV-Pilot project: EX.SO.RES-Training Methodology for Experts in process and instruments on Social Responsibility, 2004-2006 
    LDV-Pilot project: EGEIS-European Guidance and the Evaluation of Informal Skills-Developing a Standard Curriculum and a Training Model for the Qualification of European Guidance Practitioners, 2003-2005
    PHARE project: Preventing brain drain with increasing of employability of university-educated people, 2001-2002.

    Career Theatre – Concept for rethinking of individual’s identity, 2016
    Concept of Developmental Alchemy (DEAL concept), 2015
    Method SELcoaching (SEL©), 2011 
    Design and development of model of selfmobility, 2007

    Gambling addiction- Dealing with an addiction through activation of one’s internal vocation, seminar for psychologists, Italy, Erasmus, KA1, 2016
    Method SEL for development of selfmobility of unemployed with university background, performing workshop for unemployed persons, 2014
    European Program Youth: Education of youth for development of selfmobility, performing of seminars for students and individuals with finished study education, 2004-2005
    Discovering of origins for working stress, performing of seminars for employed inside social-care field, 2003-2005
    Building of good contact at working with users, performing of workshops for employed in social-care field, 2002.

    Supervision: Field of social-care and health, 2010 – actual
    Evaluation: Field of adult education and social-care, 2012- actual.

Presentations and publishing 
    From GDP to GNH: Happiness to Business and Entrepreneurship, lecture, international meeting Leaders of Change, Ljubljana, 2017
    Developmental Alchemy: DEAL concept, lecture, international meeting Leaders of Change Ljubljana, 2017 
Virtualism – Identity platform for modern individual, lecture, 6. Congress of Social Work in  Moravske Toplice, 2016
    Virtual addiction in the light of identity crisis, essay, Center Spirala, 2016
    Stigma of normality, essay, Center Spirala, 2016
    Developmental role of evaluation as a lever for (re)vision of non-profit organisations, First Western Balkan Conference on Evaluation. Bosna in Hercegovina, lecture, 2015   
    Reality shows and (un)adulthood of modern individual, lecture, 5. Congress of Social Work,  Ljubljana, 2013
     (Un)self initiative of employed, HRM magazine, article, 2013 
    Truman show of modern individual, lecture, Library of Oton Zupančič, Ljubljana, 2012 
    Between coaching and social counselling, article, Studies in Adult Education and Learning, 2012
    Initiating development in light of the actual crisis, article, Apocalypse, 2012.
    Selfmobility : Research of selfmobility inside group with at least a higher education, research,   Center Spirala, 2009
    Proceedings  Social Responsibility and the challenges of time: 2. Conference, Maribor,  co-editorial, IRDO – Institute for development of Social Responsibility, 2007
    Selfmobile organisation as driver of social responsibility, lecture and article, International Conference about Social Responsibility in Maribor, 2007
    Social Responsibility to Knowledge, lecture and article, International Conference about Social Responsibility in Maribor, 2007
    Guidelines for the Educational process for the development of Social Responsibility in health and social care , brochure, Center Spirala, 2006 
    Social Responsibility between declarativity and practice, lecture, 3. Congress of Social Work in Portorož, article in magazine Social Work, 2006 
    Do the concepts of social responsibility and active citizenships share the same basis? lecure and article in International andragogical colloquium in Ljubljana, 2005
    Foundations, Social Work, Faculty for Social Work, 2004