It is intended for individuals who are working with people in their workplace. It is also intended for executives, managers and other individuals whose work is associated with higher working responsibilities. Individual supervision is a good choice for people who are newly included in the already harmonized working environment is already running time, or make a new post. With this kind of support for the individual and the organization and its employees quickly connect.

This kind of supervision is suitable for individuals, who are entering into new working environment or existent working groups. It can be also associated with the training program in the workplace, especially where working organisation does not practice adequate mentoring for its employees.


Three steps of supervisory process:
1) The first interview (by e-mail, telephone interview or personal meeting) between the supervisor and client or responsible person of the employer

2) Acceptance of the agreement about supervision (schedule and duration, goals, mutual obligations, payment procedure)
3) Launch of supervision according to agreement 

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